The COVID-19 pandemic is having a tremendous impact on travel industry. As FOX DMC, our highest priority is to ensure that our guests enjoy a healthy and safe experience throughout their journey. Here is the rules and regulations our guests need to obey and also detailed information about the precautions taken at all destinations we operate against COVID-19;

FOX DMC Safe Travel Rules and Regulations;

1.     Before travelling, be sure your insurance covers COVID19 treatment.

2.     Keep social distance at least 1,5 m.

3.     Use Mask during whole journey and change it at least 3 times in a day.

4.     Wash your hands regularly.

5.     Avoid crowd.

6.     Do not let anyone carry your luggages at airports, hotels and so on.

7.     In public places, keep social distance while sitting anywhere.

8.     Try to use contactless credit card payments during shopping as much as possible.                    


1.     We are dealing with only SAFE TOURISM CERTIFICATED hotels, restaurants and transport companies in case the clients do not insist contrary.

2.     Upon arrival before the tours start; our guides will inform to the guests all the measures, to do’s and not to do’s briefly to ensure the safety of all our guests.

3.     All our coaches will be disinfected two times in a day (before starting the day & after finishing the duty) with highest disinfection technology company which is suggested by Health Ministry of related destination.

4.     The AC system of our coaches will be periodically checked & changed. 

5.     We are using max. 50% capacity of our vehicles. Nobody may sit next to each other in a vehicle.

6.     We have created CRISIS MANAGEMENT & ACTION PLAN, trained all our guides to provide maximum security & safety of all our guests. Our guides will handle the groups very carefully as per the requirements and they will not allow guests to break Social Distance rules or any other pandemic rules of the related destination.

7.     We will distrubute 1 x FACE MASK for all our guests for per day. It is strictly mandatory to use it during the tours, during the journey and there may not be any single toleration to anybody to ensure the safety & hygiene of all our guests.

8.     Our guides and drivers will be carrying disinfectant gels with themselves and it will be served to the guests everyday frequently.

9.     Our guides & drivers will have thermometer with themselves and they will check the fewer of all our guests everyday. In case of COVID19 symptoms, we will follow all the procedures very quickly.

10. Our guides will make sure all the places (hotels, restaurants and all other facilities) to provide masks & disinfectant to our guests.

11. We have created the road map for all our staff (office staff, guide, driver etc). In case of any positive case during the journey of our guests, we will immediately follow the necessary steps and will ensure the safety of our guests as soon as possible. 

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