Georgia is a small country right on the intersection between Europe and Asia, sandwiched between Russia in the north and Turkey in the South. It’s an ancient country tugged away in the Caucasus Mountains and home to very determined people who, despite a tough history of war and conquerings, still strongly value their unique religion, culture and centuries-old traditions!

Georgia, or Sakartvelo as the citizens call it, is slowly on becoming a very popular touristic destination. 

General Information about Georgia:

Capital: Tbilisi 

International airports: Tbilisi Airport (TBS), Batumi Airport (BUS), David the Builder Kutaisi Airport (KUT)

Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)

Official Language: Georgian (Russian is also widely spoken)

Main Religion: Orthodox Christianity (84%)

The best places to visit in Georgia:

1. Tbilisi

2. Mtskheta

3. Vardzia

4. Uplistsikhe

5. Katskhi Pillar

6. Chiatura

7. Batumi

8. Ushguli & other villages in Svaneti

9. Omalo & other villages in Tusheti

Top places to visit in Georgia, recommended by a local:

10. Sighnagi

11. Shatili Khevsureti 

12. Juta, Chaukhi (2200m)

13. Kazbegi

14.The Canyons of Martvili

15. Bakhmaro

Why visit Georgia?

Imagine waking up, pulling back the curtains and stepping outside to come face to face with the Caucasus Mountains.

There’s more to Georgia than the snowy mountain range that many people travel there to see, but they’re well worth the journey. The Caucasus mountains are even more spectacular in real life than they are in images, and there are many ways to experience their magnitude in Georgia.

The northern part of Georgia feels rugged and untouched, making it the perfect destination for an adventure. Some of the most special spots are far from easy reach, but they’ll be well worth the long (and scary!) drive along gravel roads and cliff edges to get there.

And then there’s Tbilisi. Possibly the most underrated capital city in all of Europe, there’s a reason why many of Tbilisi’s temporary visitors end up making it their home. Tbilisi has the perfect mix of culture, history and edge to attract the masses, but still remains a fairly unknown gem (for now).

What to expect?

Fun-loving Georgia proves that all the best things come in small packages. Despite its modest size, this beautiful nation is home to varied and wild landscapes, that neighbor dynamic, cosmopolitan cities. Although technically in Asia, Georgia is surprisingly European with its cobbled streets, colorful houses, mountaintop villages, and art scene. Relatively undiscovered until recently, travelers and digital nomads alike are beginning to uncover the hidden gems of this wonderful country for both living and traveling!

Enchanting Tbilisi

Discover the European flair of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. Ancient streets run adjacent to trendy outdoor spaces for eating and drinking, and a thriving art scene. Bohemian, yet also modern, expect to find leaning clock towers and chaotic bazaars, alongside clean-cut symmetry and futuristic design. End a day of city sight-seeing with a chilled glass of wine in the oldest wine-growing nation in the world! Even better, pair it with the traditional bread and cheese dish Khachapuri. Delicious!

Adventure in the Wilderness

Georgia has some of the most ecologically diverse landscapes in the world. Discover ancient relics, an unusual Black Sea coastline, backed by green rolling valleys, epic mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, and even desert! Because of this, Georgia is an adventure-lovers playground, where days can vary from spotting lynx and bears in the natural parks, to heli-skiing in the mountains. These stunning landscapes are the basis of myths and legends, opening a window into a wild and enchanting past that is nothing short of magnetic.

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